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Complete Structure Painting

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We provide associations and management companies with the right people to perform any size multi-family apartment and condominium painting services. Careful, neat, considerate and professional; we understand the multi-family environment, and give managers and associations a beautiful end result.
Complete Structure Painting

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Apartment Buildings

Complete Structure Painting is the painting company to call when planning the repaint of your apartment building structure. We have the skills to do the job with the care your project deserves.


Condominiums, duplexes and townhouses need love too. These structures can wilt under the South Florida sun and a simple touch up just won't do. Complete Structure Painting will bring it back to life.

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Why should you recommend Complete Structure Painting to your Associations?

How important is your word? Your word is your bond. We believe that we are a reflection of your word. We believe in keeping promises and in making you shine!

How do you rate customer satisfaction? Customer satisfaction is measured in repeat business. We believe
that if the customer is happy, he will remember and recommend you to other associations. Surrounding yourself with professional contractors like Complete Structure Painting is a great way to keep your customers year after year, and earn new ones!

Why should your associations trust you? You are a professional who knows quality. We know quality too.
We live by our dedication to professionalism and outstanding workmanship which helps build a relationship of trust with your customers. We also do specific home painting projects that require the expertise of a company like ours. We also have partners throughout the United States that we can refer you to if you reside in another state. One such partner is painters Niagara, a company that specializes in residential painting.

Call it yours. When you recommend a painting contractor to your customer, it should be with confidence.
Choose a company you would personally use to paint your home and not just a name out of a hat. We have proudly painted the homes of many association managers over the years.

Show them respect. Respect them enough to recommend a company that will show them the same respect and courtesy that you do. Our reference list speaks for itself. Let it speak for you too.

Give them their money’s worth. The dollar isn’t always the bottom line. Satisfaction ranks high above price. A
good price, combined with quality workmanship and a project completed in a neat and timely manner is always the winning combination.

Let them live in peace. Painting projects in multi-family dwellings should be an unobtrusive and seamless
process. Minimal disruption of resident routines should be held in the highest regard. At Complete Structure Painting we understand the stress of a repaint project on the residents and go out of our way whenever possible to keep disruptions to a minimum and make the experience a pleasant one.

Call us to schedule a 15 minute meet & greet any weekday morning. Tell us how many managers will be there and we’ll bring the coffee, donuts, bagels & brochures. We would like to discuss any upcoming projects and answer any questions that your managers may have.