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Hotel Renovation Tip 2

Tips & Strategy #1:
Hotel Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

Hotel renovations, restorations, makeovers, etc. are an enormous commitment to make. The process is never quick and easy. It is time-consuming, expensive, and very complicated. But these projects are things that must happen in order to keep customers coming in and coming back and to keep business booming. A freshly redone or revamped hotel is infinitely more attractive to consumers; as a result, fairly regular renovations to one’s hotel have become a necessity.

Renovation projects do not always have to mean improvements or alternations to the building itself. Sometimes, or maybe even in most cases, all that is needed to revive a hotel is brand new furniture, decorations, and appliances.

Hotel Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment — most commonly referred to as Hotel FF&E — includes all pieces of furniture, the artwork, the carpeting, the machinery, the wall fixtures, the ceiling fixtures, wall coverings, statues, simple decorative pieces, and any other accessories needed for the hotel. It also entails the equipment necessary for maintaining the operation of laundry and cleaning systems, kitchens, restaurants, offices, and engineering.

What this process involves is the procurement and delivery of these fixtures, the furniture, and the equipment. In some cases, the products are manufactured specifically for the hotel, but this is not true for every situation.

Now, obviously, this can not be done by just the hotel owner or manager. A company that provides exemplary Hotel FF&E services should be contacted. The company, with your input and schedule, will handle the procurement and delivery processes.

Before that, though, comes the preparation. The design process is a joint effort between the company and the client in which an interior designer will prepare and offer a variety of designs, finishes, layouts, and products — all depending on and confined to the client’s budget — to be used in the hotel. The final, approved plan will be drawn up for construction and manufacture. Final documentation will have included decisions on finishes, material selection, light fixtures, fabrics, tile, artwork, and other common details.

Then comes procurement. With your and the interior designer’s ideas finalized, a procurement team will work with you to choose the right products, based on location, brand, and market requirements. Normally, this team will also complete the delivery and installation processes.

Going into this, you should already have an idea of what you are able to spend. To begin the deciding of a budget, consider what kind and the amount of items that you need, which items will go in which rooms, and how many rooms there are. The equipment, furniture, and decorative pieces needed for each guest room, conference room, office, and public space should be taken into consideration during this time. Also take into account the more costly technology, such as computers, speakers, projectors, etc.

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