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Hotel Renovation Tip 1

Tips & Strategy #1:
Types of Hotel Updates

When you think of a hotel, do you not usually associate it with a vacation? You pack your bags to spend a weekend — or perhaps even longer! — at a hotel with friends or family, or on your own. You want to have a good stay, free of worries and major responsibilities. The same is true for stays at a hotel that are not related to vacation. If you have an important business trip, the last thing you want is to be stressed or uncomfortable in your hotel room. The safety and comfort of guests should be a top priority for hotel owners. Guests are looking for a getaway or even just a nice place to stay for a few days. They will not choose a hotel that appears to be messy or run down. This is why hotel owners have their properties renovated. To keep customers happy and business booming, hoteliers work with companies to restore the structures both inside and outside the hotel.

Competition is another factor that plays a role in hotel renovation. As the world has progressed, especially technologically, customers are attracted to whatever is more advanced or updated. If one hotel falls behind another in terms of freshness, it lose its appeal and, consequently, its clients. Hoteliers acknowledge this development and align their renovation decisions accordingly.

Hotel renovation is a project that is both expensive and time-consuming. But, what exactly do hotel renovations entail? Before anything else, the owner or manager of the hotel must determine the scale of the renovations. Is the hotel in need of a simple revamp, or does it need to be completely “reinvented”? A revamp updates the hotel while maintaining its original individuality and uniqueness, while total remodeling will have you doing a double take when you walk through the doors. For either of these choices, there are two areas to tackle: the interior and the exterior.

The interior consists of all the rooms and structures inside the hotel — guestrooms, bathrooms, lobbies, kitchens, lounge areas, meeting rooms, and restaurants, for example. Interior renovation services include:
  • Updates to the flooring
  • Updates to the carpeting
  • Wallpaper removal/replacement
  • Interior painting
  • Electrical upgrades or repairs
  • Updates to mechanical systems
  • And even more!
And, obviously, the exterior will include everything that is outside the hotel. Exterior renovation services include:
  • Updates/repairs to the roofing
  • Exterior painting
  • Updates to the parking lot
  • Improvements/updates to recreational areas
  • Electrical upgrades or repairs
  • And even more!

How often should hotels be renovated? Well, there is no one answer that all experts will unanimously agree to. However, many say that renovations every three years is a safe plan. But if you feel that rooms or different aspects of the hotel are in need of more frequent repairs, obviously your hotel should undergo renovations at shorter intervals. The opposite is true as well. If your hotel is in great shape and operating smoothly, you most likely will not have to have renovations done as regularly.

Hotel renovations translate to appeal to customers. As they are lengthy, pricey projects, you will not be able to have them done constantly. But, you should not ignore them either, especially when you need them! Check how business is going and then make the decision! To proceed to our next educational page, go here.

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