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Hotel Renovation Tip 5

Tips & Strategy #3:
Hospitality Construction

An attractive layout will be the first thing that stands out to clients when they decide to stay at a new hotel, and, should they stick around, the appeal of the location — contributed to by both the physical elements and its ambiance — may be a direct cause for a successful business. This idea also applies to anyone who owns or manages or provides any other kind of hospitality service. Hospitality construction is responsible for achieving this. Typical hospitality construction services will deal with both interior and exterior innovations, construction of brand new properties, and more. When the construction process begins — and even before then — take into consideration the aesthetics, the functionality, and, above all, the quality of the design you have in mind.

What kinds of rooms/buildings are included in hospitality construction? Usually, these locations are hotels, resorts, restaurants and dining areas, assisted living facilities (such as retirement communities, nursing homes, and other similar structures), fitness centers, spas, as well as the areas within these places, such as lobbies, hallways and corridors, guest rooms, and even more.

Generally, there is a “pre-construction” phase. During this time, an experienced team will meet with you to discuss an assortment of very important decisions, including: your budget, the scope of the project, the schedule, and the general concept behind the designs. With all of these things in mind, the team will provide with an estimate of the total cost of the project that is as accurate as it can be before actual construction begins. As materials, tiles, fabrics, furniture pieces, decorations, and the like are chosen, predicted costs can shift.

Next comes the period of actual renovation. Designs are, for the most part, fine-tuned and finalized by this point. During this phase, you and the team will also confirm if the scope and plans of the project are in compliance with your hotel’s property improvement plan (also, and more commonly, known as Hotel P.I.P.), should you have one. Adjustments to the budget and to the estimations of the final cost can also be expected. For furniture and other similar components, you may choose to utilize Hotel FF&E (Hotel Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment). Hotel FF&E will also provide decorations, appliances, and more. Your project team and management will most likely cover purchase, production/manufacturing, delivery, and installation of the products and items you select.

Some specific hospitality construction services, both interior and exterior, are the following:
  • Upgrades and repairs to electrical systems
  • Upgrades to paint finishes
  • Repairs to the roofing
  • Parking lot improvements and/or expansion
  • Landscaping
  • Improvements to recreational areas (pools, gardens, trails, etc.)
  • Guest room upgrades
  • Restaurant upgrades & installation
  • Improvements to lobby and lounge areas
  • Renovations to meeting rooms, offices, etc.
  • Bathroom upgrades
    And even more!

Construction of an entirely new property will proceed almost exactly the same way, but the project team will have to conduct site analyses prior to building, schedules will be tighter, and costs increase dramatically.

The right company can help you create an experience and atmosphere in your hotel that is unique, delightful, and unforgettable during your hospitality construction project. And an excellent team will take on and complete your project in an efficient manner, guaranteed to provide you with a product of incredible quality.

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