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A Message From The Mulligans

A Message from the Mulligan's...

Dear Commercial Business Owners, Hospitality Executives, Associations & Homeowners,

I’m Mike Mulligan Sr. along with my son, Mike Mulligan Jr. – We are Broward County natives, a father and son team, and painting professionals with over three decades of experience.

Mike Jr. and I understand the challenges of owning and operating a business. Like you, we wear a lot of hats. We know that it can be a headache trying to find great people and other local companies to help along the way. Having been paint contractors for decades, we’ve been there. It’s even more so in South Florida where finding solid, reputable services can be a nightmare.

We believe we are the exception.

Whether you own or operate a commercial business, hotel, industrial complex, or are charged with finding a great service, managing those properties, own a home, or all of the above, we would like you to consider entrusting Complete Structure Painting for your painting project.

We are a family-run operation, with Mike Jr. and myself involved at every level. We have a great group and a lot of fun, but we are also highly-committed people who want to see your project be a huge success.

We’ve been doing this a long time. Over the years, we’ve done a ton of work and we are proud to be known as one of the best commercial painters in Florida. We enjoy what we do. So whatever service or project you’re looking for, when you hire us…it’s all hands on deck.

We’ve got great reviews, including a great rating from the BBB, a ton of clients who will cover us (painting talk) with raving testimonials…blah, blah, blah.

​But let's talk about you.

There are a million painting services out there. But you’re in South Florida…otherwise known as “a sunny place for shady people.” And that means finding people that you can trust is harder than getting a table at Joe’s Stone Crab in January. Now, that’s hard!

You might start by going to Google and looking for ‘painting companies near me.’ This process is a sea of uncertainly; but, you have a project that needs to get done and get done right. There are no second chances.

Your business needs a makeover and/or you’ve got folks depending on you to get a great company to do an excellent job.

Your have a structure that has baked under the hot, tropical Florida sun. It’s cracking, fading, chipping and lost color. You need help – like yesterday. Maybe your building needs a re-paint or a total makeover. Maybe you’re interested in talking to us about electrostatic painting contractors or have questions about that process.

Whatever the scenario, you want a commercial painting company that won’t:

• Talk nonsensical painting mumbo jumbo
• Rush your decision making process
• Pressure you into services you don’t need
• Over-charge, over-promise and under-deliver
• Go MIA (or South Beach) when your check clears
• Make you feel guilty about wanting great work (we’re perfectionists, too!)
• Be harder to find than a U.S. Congressman
• Leave your site looking like a tailgate party after the Florida vs. Georgia game
• Make a bigger mess than Jeffrey Loria did of the Florida Marlins (several times)

At the end of all this, you just wanna pull in and see a beautifully painted building again. You want to love looking at the project and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for.

Am I right?

You also want great work that will stand up to the relentless sun, rain and elements of the Florida sunshine.

Am I on the right track?

If so, and you want professional painters and a crew that you can talk to, who’s fun to work with and that will treat your project with the attention it deserves, give us a call.

We’re at 954-792-1834. Ask for me, Mike Jr., Alicia, Pat or Deedee. If it’s around lunchtime, we might be at my favorite Thai restaurant but we’ll call you back…and we’ll talk about:

1. A meeting, walk-through and detailed estimate
2. The best painting warranty in all of Florida
3. An invitation to come by our offices in Plantation to help make decisions (or we’ll come to you – whatever’s easiest)

We invite you to read our painting service reviews. We’re excited to show you why we believe we stand out from the rest and are the respected painters throughout Florida and the United States.

Thanks for coming by,

​Mike Mulligan Sr.
​Mike Mulligan Jr.
Complete Structure Painting

Mike Mulligan Sr.

Mike Mulligan Jr.

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