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Custom Painting

Complete Structure Painting

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We are the most experienced custom painting company in Florida. Give us a call or send us an email to Deedee at [email protected] to discuss your project.
Complete Structure Painting

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Custom Projects

We specialize in custom interior painting projects that may require extra attention to detail and a patient process.

Custom Colors

We also specialize in multi-color interior and exterior projects that require our organized process and will make your building, office or business looking like new.

Custom Painting

We can handle special custom interior projects that will make your place of business look like the day it was built.

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Complete Structure Painting

Why choose Complete Structure Painting?

How important is our reputation?

Our reputation is everything! We believe that superior workmanship combined with excellent customer service is the cornerstone of a sterling reputation. We have earned ours through great workmanship. Every customer is our first priority, and our goal at every project is to do it right, on time, and in a professional manner.

How do you rate customer satisfaction?

We measure Customer satisfaction in repeat business. If the customer is happy, they will remember and recommend us to others. We have a tremendous amount of repeat business from past customers! Surrounding yourself with professional contractors like Complete Structure Painting is a great way to guarantee the success of your project.

Why should you trust Complete Structure Painting? We are professionals who know quality. We have been servicing the tri-county area for over 30 years. Our dedication and outstanding workmanship builds a relationship of trust with our customers.

Call it yours. When you choose a painting contractor, don’t just pull any name out of a hat! Choose with confidence. Choose the company you would entrust to paint your personal home. We have proudly painted the personal homes of many of our commercial business customers and managers over the years. Choose Complete Structure Painting!

Your money’s worth. The dollar isn’t always the bottom line. Satisfaction ranks high above price. A good price, combined with quality workmanship and a project completed in a neat and timely manner is always the winning combination.

Let them live/work in peace. Painting projects in busy buildings and multi-family dwellings should be an unobtrusive and seamless process. Minimal disruption of daily routines should be held in the highest regard. At Complete Structure Painting we understand the stress of a repaint project and go out of our way whenever possible to keep disruptions to a minimum and make the experience a pleasant one for you and your tenants.

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