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Our Latest Project: Public Spaces, Perception and Paint

Have you ever looked at an old car and thought: “Wow, now that’s a classic!”

Surely, there are other times you have looked at a car and said: “Wow, there’s a junker!”

Chances are that when you made those observations, you had no idea what was going on under the hood – whether the engine was maintained or neglected. The outside of the car – the paint, the rust (or lack of), the cleanliness…it told you a story. Beyond the story, it gave you the perception of value. That same concept holds true for Commercial Real Estate.

Public Spaces and Perception 
Getting beyond the perception of value in Commercial Real Estate is that you want a guest to feel comfortable when he or she enters your space. Signs of neglect – such as peeling paint or rust, can impact community sentiment about an area. Sometimes that sense of worth will translate to further neglect and apathy within the community. On the other hand, when a property is well maintained, and it appears an investment is being made, it encourages others to maintain or upgrade surrounding properties.

That’s why when Stiles took over facilities maintenance at the Tri-Rail stations on behalf of SFRTA, they began a strong initiative to upgrade the appearances. Read on to find out how Complete Structure Painting was able to provide painting solutions and help with public perception.


​Complete Structure Painting was contracted to revitalize the canopy structure at the Cypress Creek Tri-Rail station in Fort Lauderdale. Understanding the Tri-Rail Centers are public domain, our team took precautions for safety and convenience. There was also considerable prep work that needed to be completed to eliminate rust for a smooth texture on metal surfaces.  Our goal was to deliver a spectacular finish with minimal impact to South Florida commuters while providing a product that will last for years to come.
The Complete Structure Painting crew delivered on time and Stiles Property Management gave high marks on the areas of service that mattered the most. Best of all, we know that we made a positive contribution to the community by reinforcing the perception that this public-use facility is maintained to the highest standards. ​

Take a peek below to see how our project progressed and be sure to contact us for your next commercial painting project.