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Good, Clean (Sustainable) Painting Practices

Taking a sensitive and proactive approach toward sustainability is a reflection of the dedication to quality you seek in your choice of commercial painting professional.

Attributes like quality, reliability and dedication to customer service should always top the list, but alignment with current requirements and proactive approaches to sustainable painting practices go a step above and beyond. Or, as Complete Structure Painting likes to think of it – it’s the only way to do things!

Learn more about the sustainable painting practices that set the benchmark for quality commercial painting services as we enter into Earth Month next week!

Good, Clean (Sustainable) Painting Practices

Waste not, want not. Estimating a commercial painting project accurately comes with expertise and experience. Of course, an accurate estimate of any commercial painting project is important for budgetary constraints, but the expertise required to estimate the amount of paint needed to complete the job is also related to sustainable painting. By estimating your paint needs accurately, your painting professionals not only save you money but prevent wastage.

Check your IAQ. Sustainable painting practices are important for the larger environment around us but also apply to elements that directly impact our lives. IAQ, or indoor air quality, is an important consideration for short- and long-term health of those that spend much of their time indoors. Symptoms such as allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions can develop or become aggravated if special attention is not paid to indoor air quality. Complete Structure Painting pays special attention to sustainable painting that supports a positive IAQ in two important ways.

  • VOC – Through the use of low to no “VOC” paints, your quality commercial painting professional contributes to your buildings overall indoor air quality. VOC or “volatile organic compound” distribute gasses into the air that are very harmful to both people and the environment around them.
  • Ventilation + Quality Paints – At Complete Structure Painting, we operate under strict best practices to ensure our clients’ buildings are properly ventilated during the entire process. In addition, we only use long-lasting, top quality paints that offer waterproofing qualities that can prevent the growth of mold.

Do the right thing. 
How your commercial painting professional disposes of the paint used for your property is probably the last things on your mind as you begin your painting project, but it does have an impact. Best practices for sustainable painting should include a disposal strategy that is beneficial to the environment. Our disposal strategy includes proper disposal and so much more. Complete Structure Painting keeps an inventory of excess paints that can be easily used for touch-up needs. And, when it doesn’t make sense to keep the unused paint in our inventory, we donate to a local business that takes the paint to the island of Haiti – where high-quality paints are much harder to access. 

At Complete Structure Painting, we take pride in all aspects of the commercial painting services we provide from start to finish and beyond. Sustainable painting practices are baked into our DNA. At every job site, we strive toward top quality, superior customer service with a dedication to providing value to South Florida’s property owner and management companies. Count on us for interior and exterior painting needs including caulking, painting, industrial finishes, hot water pressure cleaning to de-grease and sanitize.