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Our Latest Project: Public Spaces, Perception and Paint

Have you ever looked at an old car and thought: “Wow, now that’s a classic!” Surely, there are other times you have looked at a car and said: “Wow, there’s a junker!” Chances are that when you made those observations, you had no idea what was going on under the hood – whether the engine […]

Congratulation to our very own, Mike Jr.

Mike Jr. has been involved with BOMA Fort Lauderdale / Palm Beaches for several years. In particular, he has worked on the golf committee and The Outstanding Building of the Year awards gala. During the 2018 TOBY Awards Gala held in November, Mike was recognized as the Associate Member of the Year. The folks at […]

We proudly painted a few blue doors!

You may have seen our trucks lately at the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County. We have been helping them give their blue doors a fresh coat of paint.  Do you know why the doors are blue? The Blue Door at every Boys & Girls Club is a visual representation of the great futures that are […]

Happy New Year – Ring In 2019 With A Fresh Coat of Paint

The years fly by at a breakneck speed, and it’s already that time again. Entering into the new year involves more than just changing calendars and updating documents to reflect the new date. It’s the perfect time to take a step back and find ways to freshen up your business. Complete Structure specializes in high-quality […]

Good, Clean (Sustainable) Painting Practices

Taking a sensitive and proactive approach toward sustainability is a reflection of the dedication to quality you seek in your choice of commercial painting professional. Attributes like quality, reliability and dedication to customer service should always top the list, but alignment with current requirements and proactive approaches to sustainable painting practices go a step above and […]

Tips For Making Rain and Paint Mix

The last few days has reminded us all the rainy season is upon us and summer is near. Hot summer days and wet afternoons can affect some of the improvement projects on your property. Common sense tells us that you shouldn’t paint the exterior in the rain. Beyond the obvious, it’s essential to know when […]